In the beginning…

sunset… There is a girl named Ali. She has a story to tell. So with fear, trepidation and no real clear path she launched her blog! And what better day than “International Women’s Day” to do it.

I have met some truly amazing and inspirational women throughout my life. Some of them I am totally in awe of… some of them have encouraged me to tell my story and share with others. So here we are.

This is for all the women out there who feel like they are holding back, are afraid, or just have no idea which step to take next. Don’t think about it, just do it. If I can, anyone can.

A cliche I know, but if you knew how far I’ve come through my personal journey in the last year or so you would be as shocked as I am right now typing this!

Do you immerse yourself in life’s lessons? Do you allow yourself to really think about how far you have come, how much you’ve grown and how beautiful you are now? Do you see that in yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you beat yourself up when things go wrong or do you just accept that stuff happens and learn from it…  My favourite quote is this:

You can never lose, only win or learn…

We spend so much time and energy trying to get everything right, myself included. Maybe we should all just accept that imperfection is beautiful too. If you get something wrong then you know how to do it better next time.  How awesome is that? Life would be so boring if there were no mistakes! They kick us in the arse, no doubt, and they hurt sometimes. But they also give us the opportunity to look back and think how they have shaped us into who we are now.

So here I am, mistakes, imperfect action, stories, raw and all. A much more grounded, self accepting and real woman than I was two years ago. Here’s to new beginnings, the future is full of new opportunities for us all, you just need to celebrate being you and open your eyes to what might be in front of you. Im taking this opportunity that has presented itself as a desire to write.  I have not written before and I am not a writer, but I can write. I am taking a risk… and I will be kind to myself while I learn and find my way.

I am woman…hear me roar…!



Published by rawandcompletelybeautiful

This is me... I have been through a journey of much adversity in life. It has bent me, shaped me, cut me, hurt me and kicked me. But it has also encouraged me to learn, grow, change and rise like a Phoenix. I am stepping into my light, it is time. It is my hope that some of you may be able to relate, and in some way can take hope from my words for your own experience. We all have a lot to love about ourselves, each other and our universe...

15 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Ali. Can’t wait to read all that you write. You are such an inspirational woman. I can hear your ‘roar’ .


  2. Beautiful Ali. I am continually amazed by the awesome stories that women tell about their journies, learning, personal growth, love and support for each other. Well done for sharing. Xxx

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