I am in my mid To late 40’s, love the beach, sunsets and chocolate donuts, and am married to a beautiful man with our blended family of eight! That’s right, we are the Brady bunch… three boys and three girls ranging in ages from 16 to 21, and everywhere in between.  We have been married for four years and have experienced much in that time.  We feel so fortunate to have our big, loving family and our kids amaze us continually with their strength and growth.  We live in Adelaide, South Australia, not far from the beach which is my favourite place to be.
We are endlessly grateful to have a supportive network of family and friends around us and have been amazed by their generosity and help during my journey.

My husband and I have been through our darkest times during my illness.  It has been incredibly difficult for him also.  Yes, I was the one going through surgery, treatment, losing my hair and so on but he gave up everything to be my full time carer.  For more than a year he abandoned his passion to paint, and hardly worked so that he could be there for me around the clock.  Appointments, housework, washing, driving the kids, feeding the kids, dealing with the bills… I could go on, but I’m sure you get my drift.

So now the biggest hurdles are behind us, we are moving on with our lives and it is time to be positive about our future and live life to the full.  We have accepted what is and have learnt much about ourselves and each other in the process.

I thought I knew the secrets to a successful life before I was diagnosed… I knew very little!  It has taken breast cancer to learn to love myself, be happy with what is, and be grateful for all the lessons that have been thrown at me. I have been on a huge journey of self discovery and I now see everything very differently.  What you think you need to worry about – you don’t. You REALLY don’t.

I have lived a very full life. One day, many years ago, when I was watching my Mum breathe while laying in her bed during her final stages of her illness, she said to me…”take every opportunity you get”. I guess you could say that this has been my “theme” of living.  I knew what she meant, but I really figured out what it truly means more recently.  It means to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid. Consider your options of course, but take the risk and just jump. You may not always land on your feet but it will lead you to the place where you will…

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