Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Read ahead, this message will self destruct in a few seconds! Six years ago today, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Most of you know that, and you may have read some of my blogs about all I have been through since. For a long time, I wanted to write about all the nitty grittyContinue reading “Your mission, should you choose to accept it.”

Raw and Completely Beautiful, and back in Cancerland

Well, it seems the unexpected and most feared by every cancer survivor has happened. I have been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. There’s no easy way to deliver the news and each time I let my nearest and dearest know it feels like I’m ripping the band aid off over and over. However, amidst theContinue reading “Raw and Completely Beautiful, and back in Cancerland”

50 truths I’ve learnt on my 50th birthday..

Today I click over to 50. Woo hoo! Normally I wouldn’t go to the effort to write about my birthday and tell the world about it, but this one is monumental, and not just because I’m welcoming in a new decade. This birthday is incredibly special for me because I didn’t know if I’d getContinue reading “50 truths I’ve learnt on my 50th birthday..”

21 reasons why women should love the skin they’re in..

Ok, so I’m going to get negative for a minute! We won’t be hanging around there very long, but I wanted to bring out of hiding all the reasons I hear women say they are not good enough. It doesn’t mean they are wrong. It’s the truth for some people right now, after all, andContinue reading “21 reasons why women should love the skin they’re in..”

What a year of not buying anything new taught me..

At the beginning of last year I became curious about attachment to things as a source of happiness. By things I mean material items, or people, or jobs and opportunity. How often have you walked past an article of clothing in a shop window and thought, ‘Ooh I need to buy that!’ because you knowContinue reading “What a year of not buying anything new taught me..”

I’d pick daisies..

When I was younger, living in the land of ‘I’m a normal teenager, and my Mum is alive,’ each time I walked past the fridge I would notice the yellow piece of card stuck up by a couple of magnets. It was Mum’s favourite poem, and it first appeared at least 35 years ago. ItContinue reading “I’d pick daisies..”

Four years ago today…

Four years ago today, on Friday the 16th of October 2015, I received a devastating phone call. “We have found a lump”, the Breast Screen nurse said. I was sitting at my desk at work when she called. It was a usual busy day with an office full of people. As I tried to registerContinue reading “Four years ago today…”