I’d pick daisies..

When I was younger, living in the land of ‘I’m a normal teenager, and my Mum is alive,’ each time I walked past the fridge I would notice the yellow piece of card stuck up by a couple of magnets. It was Mum’s favourite poem, and it first appeared at least 35 years ago. ItContinue reading “I’d pick daisies..”

Four years ago today…

Four years ago today, on Friday the 16th of October 2015, I received a devastating phone call. “We have found a lump”, the Breast Screen nurse said. I was sitting at my desk at work when she called. It was a usual busy day with an office full of people. As I tried to registerContinue reading “Four years ago today…”

Sliding doors…

Do you ever reflect back on your life and consider the potentially huge magnitude of those sliding doors moments? I do. I sometimes think about the “what if’s” and the alternative pathways that could have been. Some bad and some good. My husband, Phil, and I were sitting at our favourite spot enjoying lunch together recentlyContinue reading “Sliding doors…”

Meditation, is it time to try it?

  Attention busy women of the world, who spend their time overthinking!   If you are not already familiar with the practice of meditation, you have probably heard a bit about it and have seen stories and articles about it popping up everywhere. Well keep reading, you need to hear this… If you haven’t jumped onContinue reading “Meditation, is it time to try it?”

The true cost of Cancer…

Two years ago today, we received my diagnosis. It turned our world upside down. It was just the beginning of a huge journey. During those two years it has been just as much ugly as it has been beautiful. Behind our smiles and strength is our truth of the real cost of Cancer. Cancer has costContinue reading “The true cost of Cancer…”

To give love, one must feel love…

We all want love in our lives. We all love to be loved. We need to feel love and we need to give love. Love is everything. It all starts with our self love. If we feel love we give love. If we give love, we receive love. Love is everything… With love, Ali xx

Why girls need girls…

  As women, we love to connect with other women. It starts when we are young. The bond of the "girlcode" begins as soon as we start interacting with groups.   We started whispering in each other's ears, sharing toys (or not!), and our mums started scheduling 'play dates', as soon as they connected atContinue reading “Why girls need girls…”

What I learnt from falling down the stairs…

Picture this… Last night, Friday night.  A quick pizza dinner with my two youngest cherubs and then rushing to get out the door and get them both to their volleyball games. Thankfully they were playing at the same place at the same time! I was rushing up and down our stairs grabbing a jacket, scarf, beanie and my sheepskin linedContinue reading “What I learnt from falling down the stairs…”

Are you a failure, or a student?

Are you a failure? I am. Many times over. Many! I have failed at my job, in business, as a parent, as a partner, a friend, and as an every-day person. Even more the point, I have failed at being a healthy every-day person. But how lucky am I? I am incredibly fortunate. Am IContinue reading “Are you a failure, or a student?”

C = MT

Chemotherapy is horrible. There is no other way to describe it, other than with my newly developed unofficial formula of C=MT… Chemo is the equivalent of being hit by a Mack truck. I am no scientist, nor am I medically trained, but I am certainly experienced. Unfortunately, many others are too. After I was diagnosedContinue reading “C = MT”