Welcome to my blog. My name is Ali. I am sharing my stories about overcoming the traumas in my life and how I have found happiness.

My world changed dramatically in October 2015 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It affected everyone around me, especially my family. It has been a long road to recovery and my life has changed significantly.

My mother and grandmother both passed away after battling breast cancer also. I was 16. I spent 30 years struggling through life, feeling like a significant part of me was missing. I still do sometimes, but I have healed, and no longer sit in sadness.

My stories are about my journey through life and grief. I share my experiences, thoughts and inner most feelings. It is my hope that you may connect with my words and draw strength for your own life.

I am continually learning and growing. For the last 20 years I have immersed myself into self development and doing “the work”. It hasn’t always been easy, particularly during my own breast cancer journey. However, what I have learned has helped me transform my life and as a result, it has become my passion to encourage and teach women to prioritise their own health and well being.

We are all affected in different ways by difficult life events, but how we choose to react to them determines our experiences for the better – or not.

The name of my blog, “Raw and Completely Beautiful”, means exactly that. The stories I share are raw. I am open and honest. And I am beautifully incomplete… but I am completely beautiful… we all are.

Join the “Raw and Completely Beautiful” community on Facebook at fb.com/rawandcompletelybeautiful and follow the @rawandcompletelybeautiful page on Insta. I would love to see you there.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Ali, fellow Adelaidean. So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, and so happy to hear that you are well on the way to recovery. Wishing you joy, love, happiness, many blessings and healing on your journey.


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