Coaching and Therapy

I work exclusively with women just like you who are ready to break through the barriers holding them back.

You feel guilty about far too many things, you’ve lost your confidence or you just can’t seem to move forward no matter how hard you try. Or maybe you have been through a major life change and are wondering what to do next.

Overwhelm and your busy life schedule makes it near impossible to enjoy any time alone as your spend your days being all things to everyone else. You probably feel like you have nothing left to give, and when you do dare to think of taking time out you feel bad about it. (See below to download my free ebook: 3 Ways to Create More Time Without the Mum Guilt)

You know you are ready for more, but happiness feels like it is as difficult to find as the mythical unicorn.

You may be spending much of your time in survival mode. I get it, I am also very successful at hanging out there.

Stress, trauma, adversity, and the demands of every day life can make it difficult for you to find your mojo in each day,

I’m here to tell you that it is not as elusive as you may think.

I have been in that difficult place too in the past, and found a way to heal that now allows me the experiences and opportunities in life that I can’t help but smile and dance in the kitchen about.

What if you could also move from surviving to thriving?

We can work together to give you the tools to make the sweetest lemonade out of the lemons that may have been thrown at you!

It’s time to ditch the guilt, get your mojo back and gain clarity. And reconnect with joy.

You just need to make the decision to prioritise yourself and start. Give yourself permission to empower yourself.

For information regarding 1:1 sessions please contact me or enter your details in the Contact form where you will also find my socials info, including the free Facebook group The Self Love Project.

Download the free ebook: 3 Ways to Create More Time Without the Mum Guilt

Let’s set up a time for a quick free chat to discover the best option for you.

After working with me Tracey says, “I am able to speak my truth, be completely me and not apologise. I have let go of crap I didn’t even know I had stashed away, communicate better with loved ones, feel more positive, love myself and I found a new love for meditation. I can also help others with these tools.”

Lisa says, “I am so much more forgiving and caring towards myself. Whilst I am aware I am still on my journey and experience ‘down days’ and make mistakes, I recognise, accept and forgive myself. I give much more time to my own self-care now.”

Another amazing client says, “Living with trauma from past experiences I felt they have been holding me back in so many areas of my life and I didn’t know how to work through it all to live a joyful happy life. I had tried different things over the years but still felt stuck. Ali has taught me so many great tools to work through the pain and heartache to move forward in my life. I feel so free, excited, and happy to continue on my journey with the knowledge and understanding that Ali has shown me that’s inside of me. I am truly deeply grateful.”

Don’t wait another day before taking action to take back control of your happiness. You can also experience powerful change in your own life just like these incredible women above have.

You might feel a little (or a lot) uncertain. Good, you are ready!

You won’t just be given some handouts and sent on your way, I’m here to guide you, and hold space for you.

I look forward to chatting with you very soon.

Ali x

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